Y.A.R.R. (large images beware!)

Hey all,
Here’s a recent render I did cause I felt like I needed a new desktop image. What do you guys think of it C & C welcome (though i dought ill change it much plz tell me [render time = 2 hrs - dunno y])
here’s the first with no post pro (BI)
I decided to make it blue in the post pro here it is:

Help! I lost my marbles!

Looks good! :wink:

I like the green more than the blue - the blue’s colors are nice but [personally] the green is easier on the eyes. Additionally, the conversion seems to have created some noise/distortion.

There’s not a whole lot to say: It’s simple, it looks good, but there’s not a whole lot there.


Eion: lol
Tarrosion: yes i agree i think im going to change it back…it was meant to be a simple scene, and the noise is increased because the brightness and contrast brings it out.