|| Y o u n g e r ||

The most beloved game, belonging to the most passionate designer.

Hey all.

This was one of my most, if not the most, passionate, and beloved projects. I loved this game. I loved making it, I loved the characters, I loved the game development. Younger was born out of a vague memory; I don’t necessarily remember the origins of it. All I know is this is what I woke up for in the morning. Younger.



It’s kind of hard to see with the camcorder, but it looks like a classic PC or PS1 game. Very nice. Try using Bandicam or Camstudio to capture your screen when recording, or you could go with screenshots. Anyway, nice job so far.

I really want to see the game, but it’s difficult due to the method you used to record it. As SolarLune said you can useBandicam or Camstudio (I prefer Bandicam out of the free screen recording softwares). If you’re willing to spend some money,40$(I think US?), you can get a screen recording software called Fraps. This would probably be the best way to record the game, but not the best way to record your desktop and such.

I prefer Bandicam to Fraps - I don’t quite recall, but I think Bandicam’s cheaper, and worked better than Fraps with Blender. Though I’m not sure.

VLC can record the desktop and output to a file, its free too.

cool! from what i can see, was it made completly in blender BGE, no matter still cool!

Was this made with blender? you made the game or you captured a video of some game s gameplay?
If you did it all, well, its like finalfantasy, even the movement reminds me it, I really liked it, awesome job, whey there are no more final fantasys like the story from the 1 to the 9??? that was the time for great games, today, well, usually they are playable!

Hey guys.

Concerning the video quality, I had CamStudio on my desktop. I actually used it quite frequently. I was programming this summer of last year. Originally, I was showing this video to my music composer, and select others, so it wasn’t meant to be shown publicly-----at least, not then. There was already a working battle system, but I never got to implement it into the actual game (the ‘game’, and the battle system were in separate .blend files.) I’ll certainly upload the Turn-based brawl soon. In any case, I remember purposely using uninspiring quality because I didn’t want those veiwing the WIP to see the dialogue, due to it’s impermanent nature. I also realized recording in AVI took a huge amount of space on my hard drive. At the time, my system was good, but not great, on memory. Thirdly, my frame rate suffered when recording from the desktop, and I wanted smooth gameplay to present to the select individuals.

Looking back, I wish I had recorded in better quality, but not even that is a problem. I recorded the game many times over, a lot with CamStudio. And perhaps the greatest relief of all, I still have the game and all of the original files are very much intact.

I would imagine many would see the video and wonder will I finish it; Will I complete Younger. I remember I used to hate when my favorite game designers, designers on here even, would say “I’ve been busy with work lately, so I can’t really work on it now.” because I knew, deep down, that it was simply a code for “I’m not going to finish it.” Granted, we all have very busy lives. But as an inspiring and imaginative youth, It would bite at my hope that great games made with blender just aren’t ever going to be finished from the community. Not to expel all the good games that have been completed with Blender, there are many. But I mean Great games. Games that take you back to the golden era of video gaming. The Mid 90s. So, almost immediately, Leonnn realized the throwback feel of the game. I was satisfied he got that feeling of a classic '98 Final Fantasy game. The PS1 Era was my cornerstone inspiration with Younger. I didn’t want the arcade-ish feel prevelant in almost every blender game I’ve come to observe or play. SolarLune also realized the embodiment of a classic PSOne title. That feeling, that nostalgia, drove my vision of the game.

I wanted to eliminate, entirely, the feel of an arcade experience. I wanted Younger to feel, wholly, like a home console video game in your living room. That meant from the movements, to the visuals, from the title screen, to the credits, it had to feel like a console game. If It didn’t, I would never release it, even if it were complete. The game was even developed with a Playstation Gamepad controller. I had no intentions of making keyboard controls for Younger, and I wasn’t going to. Strictly gamepads—more specifically the playstation PC gamepad.

Younger would be the culminated experience of my three years as a blender user.

Do I spy influence from Devil May Cry? The motion, the camera set up… its remarkably similar. I really want to try it when it’s done!

This looks really worked, and It feels nice, continue with that great work!

Will there be a demo file soon?

I have plans on releasing something within the next 4-6 months; more specifically, a game parallel in quality to this one, with less resources required. In regards to Younger, I’m going to upload more videos. Videos that used desktop recording software to present better quality in the presentation.