Y-Wing Starship

Hey guys! This is the Y-Wing from the Star Wars franchise! It is one of my personal favorite ships, that’s why I decided to make it! What do you think of it? Does it look like the real one? Feel free to leave your suggestions!

Dude, the modeling is awesome!(+ you actually did a legit astromec droid) The light comeing off the planet is really freaking cool! I really like all the detail on the hull, especially because its not perfectly symmetrical. And thank you for remembering the ion-cannon on the top:cool:.

One thing I noticed is the paint job isn’t quite the same as in the movie. I don’t know if you were going for that, I’m just pointing it out. And I kinda feel like the area below the cockpit should be a little shorter and wider. Also one of my favorite thing about the Y-wing is that the engines give of this red glow with a sort of burst effect so you can see it even from a full frontal view. And if you want to get really technical, the wings are supposed to be in the center (z axis) of the main body. I know its kind of a long list, but I get picky with my star ships.

But all’n’all I dont think I could have pulled this off. So good work!