Y/Z swapped after extrude face

If I add a new cube, switch to Edit mode, select a face, press e, and then try pressing x/y/z, the y and z are swapped. See this screenshot below. I pressed y and the green guide is displayed in the z axis, and the face moves up/down.

I tried this on another computer, and on it, this did not happen. I think I could fix this by resetting the settings, but then I lose all settings. How can I fix this?

The extrude tool, as activated by the ‘e’ key, extrudes along normal (unlike the active tool from the toolshelf, where you can pick normal or global beforehand). So there’s no “swapping”: Z in this case points along normal, and X and Y along the plane. Resetting settings won’t do anything, that’s how this tool works.
In the case you show on screenshot, you don’t even need to constrain anything, default extrusion will go along the global Y axis (because it coincides with the normal).


it works this way since 2.9 I think, I personally prefer the former way