Ya gotta love elysiun in the morning...

You know what? It´s always a riot to see names here in elysiun,
especially when people log in and contribute messages in various
forums…unknowingly forming sentences by their various deposits
in various forums… Hillarius: :smiley:


And no - I swear to you - I did NOT put those names in combination
they where all there when I logged onto Elysiun, it happens frequently
and is quite comical… (No offense to the names involved…its just coincidence)

Maybe I´m childish… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to watch out for that. Never noticed it myself. :slight_smile:

The bottom part doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but that top section is hilarious. That screenshot must be kept!

I always knew Falgor was a big, bad traitor.

You know what the say… “If you have enough monkeys banging randomly
on typewriters…”.

Bigbad -> LOL!!!

LoL. Thats something I’ll look out for from now on :smiley:

JoOngle, please reread your signature. That’s my answer.

It’s “they” learn some grammar

It’s “they” learn some grammar[/quote]

Now finish your sentence.

view unanswerd cat poo, i like that alot.

It’s “they” learn some grammar[/quote]

I hope that was intentional.

hahaha, that’s classic!

i’m proud to have contributed :Z

[pirate-talk]There be comic book heroes here! Yarr![/pirate-talk]


:slight_smile: haha thats great.