Okay, I’ll do it. No one else is saying very much about the latest earthquake, really, it sort of like, “So what?”. Well, here is what I think, the earth is very much an evolving thing. So is the solar system. We sit here and more or less say “woo hoo ain’t that a ride”. For me it is an interesting thought and course of investigation. There is just such more going on than we realize. I mean, take the geophysical and spatial events going on, you really can not deny any of them. Let alone the rising sense of consciousness world- wide. It seems to be a sort of a lot like blender, it all just keeps growing and growing. Where and when will it ever stop?

Sorry folks, too much espresso today… . :smiley:

I was awaken by the Emergency Broadcast sirens at about 4 am this morning. I turned on the TV and saw we where in line to get a tsunami today .(tidal wave)

Well it got here at about 11:00, the ocean went up, and down an extra foot… and then nothing.

We are really fortunate that they hit the sirens at 4AM. lol!

My mom told me that they said there will be a 4 to 10 foot tsunami at the beach because of an 8.8 earthquake in Chili… I have no clue how much the ocean went up, but the news hasn’t be on yet today. I don’t know much about what actually happened.