YAACC (Yet again another Christmas Card)

About three hours’ work, quite a bit of postprod in Photoshop. Alpha-textured quads for the pine needles. Space for greetings and text on the right. Previous owner was an old woman who would only drive it to church.

Feel free to steal, reuse and abuse it however you like, as long as it’s non-commercial. (Yeah, as if.)

Merry Christmas and/or whatever other holidays you may be observing! :slight_smile:

Simple but beutifull!

You made objects to create the leafs?

No, the leaves/needles are just quads. I use a simple rectangle and apply this texture:
Then I just applied that to the alpha and nor channels of the texture. I added a green material, then put together two of those quads in an x-like shape. Finally, a brown stick along the center line of them. Actually, they look pretty crap until you hit it with the Photoshop stick.

with the alpha i think you would get a better result if you skewed them at one end like this.


I don’t thinck so!

It whold make it loock artificial. The original way realy make t loock like leafs!

Good work! I like your version of the leaves because it is randomized, but I think Aidan is right, the leaves should be a little thinner.

Great work, though, and merry Christmas! :slight_smile: