YabScan render test #1


Interesting scene. I like the lighting you’ve used. What if you incresed the red and blue lighting by .5? Did you use bump maping via Yafray’s normal tag?

Really nice work. I love the globe.

YabScan Render = Yet Another Blender Scanline render… :smiley:

jamesk…that was mean…i opened this thread just cause it seemed to mention yafray… :stuck_out_tongue:

evil giggle :smiley:

grr unfair indeed :wink:

It would seem like ‘YA’ has turned into some sort of religous prefix, the first two letters in God’s secret name… :wink:

Hehe lol, it has, but it deserves it. By the way, the picture’s pretty cool. Accept for the soft shadows, which would be much better with yafray! You should try rendering in yafray :wink:

Yes, it does!

      • the soft shadows - - - would be much better with yafray! You should try rendering in yafray

That’s right. But I’m still tweaking my setup. I do render in YafRay occasionally, but I find it somewhat stimulating to try squeezing the last drop of quality out of the native scanliner… 8)

Well, and what about my name??

humm, not bad however the shadows need a lot of help.

Hey! That made me smile. Even though I fell for it. Again, really nice lighting work.

not very god-like…but err…yea… %|

Sure, yeah, you’ve got the right prefix, but having YA as a postfix as well sort of cancels the entire effect. Sorry. Change your nick to ‘YA’ only, and you’re one step closer to total gurudom…

Ya is the schwartz.