Hello !

THis is a new project I’m working on:

I modified a little bit the base topology, then subdivided and cut/separate windows
(Preview with GLSL shaders. A blue Hemi at the bottom give the gradiant effect on the hull)

looks nice!

Thank you ionee !

Here is a new screenshot (I did not want to spend time to render…)

thats awesome!, wait…how did you make the water reflect in 3d view?oh and the specturness :P)
thanks :smiley:

for water reflections, I cheated: I used a mirror modifier on the Z axis :wink:
and there is a normal map which gives relief to the plane water

more images will come soon
I’m trying to add something like that on the top of the boat:
That’s not easy, as my boat’s roof is curved

another solution would be someting like this:
I love that futuristic boat ! XD

This is a raw render (no postpro):

Added more details to the mesh.

I will probably add an island in the background or/and a palm tree on the foreground, or a beach; because that scene is a little bit empty


like it, how did you get the water effect?

ionee: the water this is a simple combination of texture with “nor” value to 0.3 and full raymir + Fresnel

On the following image you can see 2 different water materials:
Please tell me which one is the best ?

I will add more details on the beach (texture + rocks and maybe grass)
and some birds in the sky would add realism to the scene

Any other idea of an element I could add ?


left is better

left is definitely better! :slight_smile:
also the house has a lil more color in the reflection.

left, becouse the sea has a misty thing

mirror modifier on the z axis? Tell me, do you have any books about blender? :slight_smile: