YACS (Yet another chess set)

After my last, wooden chess set, I decided to go for a more organic marble one. This is the same checkmate as the last (simply because I could copy the piece’s positions).

Remarkably low poly, too. 123,000 faces.

The main board is a single quad, the rest being done in texture. The background is a heavily blurred version of the HDRI used for lighting (though there are a couple of light planes, too).

Wondering where to go with it, now.

It’s a fun set!
Work on the surrounding scene (or lack thereof) and use the hdri less. Wooden border is too plastic and too saturated red. The tiles have a weird purple/green banding that seems fake. The pieces are cool, but somehow seem contrived and the material needs some work. more sss, less of the bizarre green/purple texture.

The lightign needs big work, there seem to be highlights coming from every direction. if you go with a richer scene around it, decide where the light truly comes from and go with it. it could overhead lighting, or a window or both.

use references even though it’s a fantasy set.

Thank you for your comments. You’ve picked up on a couple of last minute changes I made, re both the colour and the light, so I’ve de-saturated the colours, and removed the light planes.

I agree about the wood, which I threw together very quickly. Replaced with an old, tried and tested node setup for leather.

The advantage I have, of course, is that all textures are 100% procedural, so easy to tweak.

How’s this?