Yadoob's sketchbook : Real Time mainly

Hey guys,

It’s time to show a bit of my work here :wink: I’m currently finishing the “Hunter”, a real-time character I made from a concept art by Mex (website). I tried to make a nice NPR shader for real-time to copy a pure 2D look.

Here’s the High poly :

Here’s the lowpoly (10.000 tris) with shader:

I’m very happy with the fact that the shader is not pixel-related, you can zoom as much as you want on a detail and it will always be smooth ! It’s also highly cusomizable since all the colors and shadows can be tweak inside the shader. Few bugs remains though, I’ll try to figure it out.

I’ll make some explanations later about the technics I used. C&C are welcome :wink:


I took part of the 7DayFPS few weeks ago with “S for Surfing” : http://gama.itch.io/s-for-surfing

I used Blender for the assets, here’s a gameplay video :

Very nice! The hunter is awesome! :slight_smile: Great job.

Very good, indeed.

Really good, will you post an animated version?
By the way, this concept artist has really good stuff too!
Keep it up! :smiley:

I really like the Hunter! I bet he would look good with Freestyle lines.