yadra - blender network-rendering (new update available)

there is a new update of yadra - yet another distributed rendering application (1.0.1) available, here is a list of changes:

  • implemented multiple-jobs rendering
  • added a new background image
  • show up all active slaves (even if there are no jobs)
  • added the possibility to remove inactive slaves from list
  • reordered the done-list (newest on top)
  • added multiple output-formats (png, jpeg, …)
  • made the web-ui more flexible, now it is possible to put the templates in subdirectories
  • added rendering time
  • added pause for slaves (all the time, not only for one job)
  • removed some bugs, regarding the rendering process/made the process more stable
  • made it possible to render multiple jobs with the same name
  • worked-over the code, switched to Subversion (on Sourceforge) and Eclipse
  • fixed error, when master wanted to move the work folder, and the slaves wrote into it, that didn’t work
  • Fixed connect timeout error (could lead to a deadlock on the slaves): added timeout to socket connect
  • Fixed problem of config (passphares was not recognized when creating a new slave)
  • Fixed Problem, when setting the work directory to the same as the start directory (resulted in 0-Byte Filesin Web-Directory)for more information and download go to my Homepage: http://blendoli.googlepages.com/yadra
    yadra (yet another distributed rendering application) is a tool, that enables you to render blender-animations over a network on many computers. yadra stands out for easy setup and stable operating. NO need for setting up network-shares (CIFS/SMB makes rendering over the internet a bit of difficult). yadra is - with the use of java - platform independent, it runs on each platform that also runs blender.

Have fun, using it,

I installed it and I like how easy it was. I have a few questions, though.
Is there a way to have the master submit the render job?

Can the master contribute to the rendering as well?

Is it possible to install this on Macs (Tiger)?

I don’t know about the Mac OS question but by the looks of how it uses java platform for everything (as far as I can see) - Just install java environment 5+ and try running the platform independent download from sourceforge.

Master is designed to distribute render orders to Slaves

Slave receive render from the Master

You can install a Slave and Master on the same machine!

Hope this helps!

I’ll have to give this a try. Farmer Joe is great, but it’s appserver mode aint that stable, and it’s crash recovery isn’t the best.

I just have installed this Yadra to test an animation render. Installation “seemed” to go well, master and client setup too, but when I send a blend file to te queue list, nothing happens, it just “hangs” there. Can someone tell me how to kick this thingy in action ?

(OS = XP + Vista)

Thanks !


I’ve been having the same problem as Harry. Except I get the hang when I try to resume a job after pausing it on a slave that goes inactive. Seems to bork the whole process so I have to restart.

I never used anything like this before but will this work with stills? Or is it not even worth the trouble?

I switched to FarmerJoe, maybe it’s worth a try for you guys too …

You can find it here around the forum, just search for FarmerJoe :wink:

I have Yadra and i have setup the master & the slave on the same machine of my computer.But i dont know how to work with Blender.Can someone give me a guide how to render Blender scene and the slave should be working?
Please i need this,please someone give me guide…
pm me on MSN : [email protected]

(sorry for my English)