yadra - yet another distributed rendering appl.

yadra (yet another distributed rendering application) is a tool, that enables you to render blender-animations over a network on many computers. yadra stands out for easy setup and stable operating. NO need for setting up network-shares (CIFS/SMB makes rendering over the internet a bit of difficult). yadra is - with the use of java - platform independent, it runs on each platform that also runs blender.
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Really nice. I had to modify the shell script a bit (replace the path to the java bin) but the rest worked flawlessly.

Would it be hard to add the ability to render more than one file at one? Even something as simple as round robin through the files in the queue would be nice.

Good job!


Great to see another take on the distributed rendering task using java :slight_smile: looks very good. Any chance of publishing your source code, I’d love to see how it all works but couldn’t find it.

I assume you’ve seen my post on Distriblend. Maybe we could share ideas on this. That’s what it’s all about after all :slight_smile:

Keep it up!


my Name is Oliver, I am the developer of yadra, Philip is my brother, he did some posts for me.
First, many thanks for you comments, it is nice to hear from people, using this software.
What I wanted to say: for questions, answers, suggestions, meanings, … please put your posts to my project page at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/yadra So I have one single place to look and to go.
BTW: the source code is there also available now, and a bundled linux version with java. And yes, that’s correct, you had to modify the scripts, when using your own JVM… becuase JAVA_HOME Environment does not always match and the PATH Variable is also not always set… in the cases, I have seen. The ./java … is for the bundled version of yadra.
Have fun using it and look on my Homepage for updates http://blendoli.googlepages.com