Yaf(a)ray Bedroom

Inspired by “Casa en la Fosca” from Jordi Garces architect.
Rendered in Yaf(a)ray
Photon Mapping + Final Gathering
Render Time: 1 hour (1200 x 740 px)

Daniel Thul


nice and subtle.

Nice and realistic but it looks kinda empty maybe you should add some things.

I like the simplicity. Perfect apart from some slight jaggies at the edge of the windowframe agaist the outside photo.

lovin it. nice comp too! the simplicity is good and i really like the chair material for some reason.
where can i find a windows build of yaf(a)ray blender?

StompinTom, this is the link to yaf(a)ray bin for windows:


the outside picture fits the scene very vel. The sunlight is very realistic and the general scene is outstanding. The chair is somwhat out of scale (too small) in my opinion. Do you agree?

Very cool stuff, Iove the chair and lighting! It is simple, yes, but that puts the focus on the textures and details, which make this piece. I’m not liking the background pic too much but well, it does fit.
I definitely need to check out yafaray, too, it seems to be quite capable already.

I agree the chair is slightly too small. But this is a damn nice render!

thanks for comments guys!!!
daniel thul

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