Yaf(a)ray Blender mapping modes


I assume using empty is not supported in Blender ?
How do you now use a png with a transparent background to render over a colored surface? The png background seems to be always white.

Also is it possible to have multiple materials in Yafray like in Blender?

Or is UV mapping in general the best approach?

UV and multimaterial is supported for sure, about the other question I don’t know for sure ATM, I made most of the manual with the previous integration method and I haven’t had time to check what works and what does not now.


Ok I spend few hours with tinkering and it seems either there is something I am missing
or the mapping system acts funny,

I have created two logo images and neither plane or cube offers any acceptable result.

For some reason the wood images I attached yesterday work ok.


I have attached the Blender file and for easy transfer packed the image textures.


Blender File: