Yaf(a)ray/Blender Non-Responsive

hey there… just tried to install the new version 315, and for some reason, even on the default scene, both blender and the Yafaray Window crash out… any ideas? any fix?

thanks in advance

im using 2.48a with P2.5.2 with Vista 32bit

oh, just found that it crashes whenever i try and view the previews of materials, so i know its definately this version…

the old one worked fine… i think it was 299.

would really appreciate a solution to this, as im using Yafaray for a competition, which has deadlines…

reboot, or reinstall the program.
maybe you dont have a strong enough driver.
no affence but vista is really bad, its ok for videos and stuff but since its new they have found a lot of bugs.
but pretty unlikely for you.

hmm… you think it could be driver related…?

well… even if it is… ive updated my drivers and doesnt seem to make a diffference… it wont render or preview materials… none of that…:slight_smile: