Yaf(a)ray Contest - Crazy Machines

I’ll try to make an old, wooden cuckoo clock with a dead bird hanging from inside of it instead of the wooden cuckoo.

Here’s a cuckoo clock :slight_smile:


awesome i like it i fcant wait for textures…it looks like an awesome model tho pretty high poly i guess

A small update. My primitive sketch shows a cuckoo (or something :smiley: ).


Tiny update. I’m thinking what kind of background should I make. Cuckoo is still to come.


the cuckoo clock looks real good …but is the background 90 degrees flipped ?

I really like this… I’ve been to the Black Forest, and this design is cooler than some of the ones I saw/bought there! Plus, the texturing and bump maps are great, or maybe that’s just Yafaray working its magic. Either way, can’t wait to see more!

It looks like the clock is on a table, or the floor has no mouldings.

I assume it’s the floor, since it looks like the painting is laying on it’s side against the wall?

Dead cuckoo.


awesome! :slight_smile:

Awesome modeling of the wood work on the clock, and the dead cuckoo speaks for itself.

I certainly hope that no cuckoos were harmed in the making of this image!?

jcode - certenly not! Moreover even their feathers haven’t been used - I couldn’t find the right texture.

My work is done. You can see the results in aother thread.