Yaf[a]ray - Headphones


Render Engine: Yaf[a]ray
Time to render: 3h at 1280x1024
Light : HDRI and Lamp Directional
GI: Path Tracing

The modeling is good so is the rendering.But something’s missing when it comes to photo-realism.I guess you should add some little details .Such as scratches,bumpy look on soft parts of it etc…

The leathery texture on the ear pads lets it down, and the plastic’s shader isnt quite right…

modelling is sound though

Good model, bad materials/textures.

You are right, I’m not skilled on shader and material of Yaf[a]ray, this is my first experiment with this render engine. Now I’m trying a new render, with more bump map.


I have added a Bump map

Thats much better… brilliant…
the lead still needs somthing, i dont know what though…

Just a technical issue here: how is the signal meant to flow from the left earphone (with the cable) to the other one ?
The right earphone (on the right) isn’t plugged in any way !

Appart from that it is quite nice i think… Maybe some more shadows/better lighting ???

The 2nd is great, but I would suggest less shiny, and put some emit (in material buttons, 0.05-0.1 would be nice.)