yaf(a)ray is alive !

I wandered into the yafray forums expecting nothing, but I saw a fresh new test build of yafaray:


There’s now a render script that overrrides yafray render panel’s settings and blender’s materials.
I was wondering this is the way external rendering engines are going to be integrated, I already something like it for indigo 7.

Back to topic, I tested the glossy materials, is it just me or is yafaray fast ?
Loving glossy materials al the same, though.

Kudos to Lynx for his hard work !



Yes, Yafaray is fast.

moment… This new Yaf(a)ray is really noticeable faster than older versions - this mean Yafray ???

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No Linux build??? :ba:

No, no linux builds, however, I can recommend building your own blenders:

Optimize for your processor (can post user-config.py for this) and watch it fly.
read this:
and compile yafaray and hack blender

easy as pie !

I’d get in on some of that action. What are the compile flags for something like that? I’ve been hunting around, but haven’t been able to find a list.

What’s working in this current compile? Any major updates to the core Yafaray engine for indirect light (photon) accuracy, etc? Do I really need to have Python 2.5 up on my sys to run Yafaray? Questions, questions.:smiley:

I build it with 2.4 python, only changed version number in blender config. Blender and yafaray works and export script kinda works, I dont know how to export with it, there is no big red button that says export. :slight_smile:

some progress cool.

still I would love to have some SSS in it.
I use indigo at the moment and all SSS features are great but slow.
Colors are amazing.

However I hope at one point Yafaray will support SSS etc as well. I see some great potential in this combo when YR also supports Blender material nodel system.

i agree with you. sss and nodes would be usfal, im just lerning how to use nodes:o

Turns out that I had exporter code in wrong dir, now it works.

Some notes, dirs might be wrong so dont follow blindly.

12.4.2007 on gentoo linux

Get blender sources from cvs
cvs -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/bf-blender login
(no password, press enter)
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/bf-blender co blender

Get Yafaray and exporter
svn co https://ssl.little-isp.de/svn/lynx/yafaray/mainline/ yafaray

svn co https://ssl.little-isp.de/svn/lynx/yafaray/blender/
(gets yafray dir and yafaray_ui.py file)

Copy yafray/ to blender/source/blender/
Edit yafray/SConscript and change two paths to match yafaray dir

Build yafaray:
Check that you have needed libs and type ‘scons’ to build and ‘scons install’ to install.

Build Blender
Guide: http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Building_Blender.117.0.html
Install depencies: http://www.blender.org/development/building-blender/getting-dependencies/

Edit blender/config/linux2-config
Check python version, default is 2.5, change if you are using different version.

Set optimization flags if you want. These are for amd duron
CCFLAGS = [’-march=athlon-xp’,’-mmmx’,’-msse’,’-m3dnow’,’-mfpmath=sse’,’-pipe’,’-fPIC’,’-funsigned-char’,’-fno-strict-aliasing’]
CXXFLAGS = [’-march=athlon-xp’,’-mmmx’,’-msse’,’-m3dnow’,’-mfpmath=sse’,’-pipe’,’-fPIC’,’-funsigned-char’,’-fno-strict-aliasing’]
-march = change to match your cpu
-mmmx = mmx support
-msse = sse support
-m3dnow = 3dnow support (only for amd, i guess)
-mfpmath=sse = not sure what this does

type ‘scons’ to build

After building copy yafaray_ui.py to install/linux2/.blender/scripts
I guess you can install blender with ‘scons install’, but I just copied install/linux2/ to my home dir.

Just to inform you guys that Lynx has released a new update of Yafaray :
Don’t forget to install the C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86):
and Python 2.5 !

I think that the Blender community should support this development effort. IMO, Yafray is the best integrated renderer for Blender and you should at least give it a try, even if today it is not yet integrated, must be setup via the provided python script.

Install Yafaray and the Blender version provided by Lynx, load the provided sample, press F12, it works ! And the result is promising.

hi enrico

what i prefer with yafray is the texture support from blender.
it is a nice one to one transition.

i hope that in terms of render engine and shaders it will grow
because it is about time to get sss and other effects built into

currently i am exploring indigo and kt - quite pleased with the
color outputs. kt is nice because it offers various render options
like raytrace , photon mapping and mtl with bidir.

it would be perfect incase yafaray could catch up and also offer
and unbiased render engine.

I’m glad at least some of you like it :slight_smile:
it’s been over a year of hard work, and still not done…i think it’s reaching the point where it has more new features than it lacks over the old yafray.

The question about linux builds, my main development platform is infact linux, however 64bit. Although i can do 32bit builds with it, i didn’t have much success distributing linux builds in the past. Because on linux everything is by default dynamically linked, I believe it is indeed easier to compile yourself than messing with all dependencies until a precompiled one eventually works, until you happen to use Ubuntu Edgy too…

About python, turned out the script doesn’t actually need the external python modules, you can comment out “import sys” amd “import os”…we’re just no python experts here, rather C++ coders :wink:

Hi Lynx3d

Just want to thank you for your work on yafray ! I can imagine that it is muche more difficult to pick up a code that others have designed, then starting from scratch . I have bin following in silence your progress on yafray and i am realy impressed ! i am sure that you will bring yafray to a new level .
keep up the good work !

Greetings Patrick

I am new to Linux, and this may be stupid question but. Does the compiling process change from distro to distro of Linux? If it doesn’t, would it be possible to setup a script that automatically compiles yafaray?

Well, well it’s alive.:smiley:

I’ve been trying out a thing or two with a simple boxed room and cut window scene. Ah, ha, photons now work with the sun light. And the GI is amazing with just the sun light a bit slower than the Final Gathering. I love it. Thanks Lynx!:smiley:

I had muddled my way through the new Scripted GUI and figured everything out the hard way. Later I saw Samo’s Yafaray Gui tips Wiki.:yes: Should have dug deeper.:smiley:

In any case I’m gonna try to post some pic’s of the Yafaray render GUI settings and results tomorrow. :smiley:

All this hard work is surely much appreciated, but what will the new render API mean in terms of integration. Is Lynx going to be wasting time if he tries to integrate with the current Blender?


I would say many are interested in the continuation of Yafaray!!!


Hopefully it can add to or replace the integrated yafray plugin in Blender. Even if it’s exported similar to pre-plugin days.