Yaf(a)ray miniguide and example files.

Image by Kronos

I’ve finished a mini Yaf(a)Ray guide, although it is only a first draft. Yaf(a)Ray is the active development branch in which YafRay code is currently undergoing major changes.

There is still a lot of things to test in Yaf(a)Ray. With more betatesting and opinions and questions & answers from other Yaf(a)Ray users I hope this document can be completed. I’m sure that there are some inaccurate things in it, but this is my best. Please fell free to make suggestions & corrections.

Yaf(a)ray features map:

Yaf(a)ray Miniguide

There is and on going thread in which people is sharing his Yaf(a)Ray files too.

<i><b>[Yaf(a)ray tests](http://www.yafray.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=976)


That’s great, I thought the dev pretty much stopped for this??? I used the build from the yafray forums(reqd. python instalation) for about a month, and thought it to be leaps and bounds better than yafray…Anyway great contribution.

I wrote the Yafray documentation for the german Wikibook and I only had a breve look at the panels in the new version, but everything seems to be more organised and more self-explainible than in the old version. I was allways kidding about the light functions in the old version and I would give a bear to everyone, who was able to explain the light functions in yafray spontaneously with less than 5 sentences. I think I would lose this bet now.

This sounds great! What I really wanna know is does the Yafaray use the same kinda “random” noise for the GI as Yafray?, which basically makes animation very hard?

i cannot wait to see where yafaray goes towards.

the current results are great. i am curious if it could be at one point
nicely integrated with blenders compositor system.

Yaf(a)ray uses a different post caching technique than Yafray, which is Final Gather. Yafray algorithms are expensive for animations, most of us could not afford them with our comp. resources. However, it is perfectly possible to do animations with YafRay, with the right settings.

Youtube Yafs

Final Gather, with low samples, produces noise flickering, instead of the shading flickering we have got with Irradiance Cache, although FG is more suitable for animation works than IC in my opinion.

Example of animations with yaf(a)ray FG


Thank you for this information, Alvaro. Would disabling the cache / irradiance cache totally do away with this shading flickering if that is what is causing it? In my last project I used the blur node and ID mask node in combination to blur the flickering away.

Once again, thank you for your hard work on the docs! Yafaray looks pretty interesting and when I have finished my current project, I’ll definitely take a closer look at the new possibilities.

In Full GI, when you deactivate Irradiance Cache, since you can not use photon mapping too, you are using in fact YafRay brute force path tracing, which can take a lot of samples (GI quality) to produce a noise-free result, depending on the scene, and it takes much more time to render.

The best solution is using the more samples the better (more GI Quality), lowering Irradiance Cache precision (Prec Button) to two or three pixels, and having a good computer. Or trying yaf(a)ray final gather.

Great stuff !

Yaf(a)Ray features overview:


The image is very good, more with this time. Thank you for the guide!, I will use it in my holidays to learn Yaf(a)ray.


if you want to use the alpha-channel (in the shiny-diff-mat, =transparency) you should set the ray miorror-slider in the yafaray-mat-settings > than 0, i.e. 0.001.:eek:
in map-input, only the settings of the first texture (on top) is used for the x/y size, for all following textures.:confused:

i like yafaray very much!:smiley:

Hello, I am impressed how beautiful is your render of the kitchen. Can I ask how did you achieve such a natural look? How did you setup those materials? I am trying to make materials like this in yafaray but cannot find the way how.
thaks a lot for help

I had previously given Yafray (and its progeny) up for dead. Some of the stuff coming out of the Yaf(a)Ray testers is giving Indigo a run for its money.

Great work and its good to see it all coming together finally!