yaf(a)ray test with cathedral

recently i’ve been playing around with yaf(a)ray and i have to say it’s pretty awesome. you know, i never got any decent results with yafray (obviously because of lacking knowledge). it seemed to last forever till a pic was rendered. anyway, with yaf(a)ray it is quite easy to achieve satisfying results very quickly (at least that’s what i think). the gui of the exporter script works nicely. i used this version:
it’s a clay-render with sunsky-background and photon-mapping with one sunlight.


Hmm, that exterior render is quite nice… I’d love to see it with details and textures and everything.

I haven’t really gone into the details of yafray… I should probably get around to that…

Nice test renders, Yafaray is powerful and fast, isn’t it?

with yaf(a)ray it is quite easy to achieve satisfying results very quickly (at least that’s what i think)

I think this too, so it can be true, if at least two people find it easy. Why dont you use the render info (there is a button in script, in render section, “Draw render params”)?

everything about it is quite nice but imo… the inside rendering is much more realistic… to me… that is… they are both awesome… but the inside is ownage… to da max =) (teach meh lolz)

man, i LOVE yaf(a)Ray. here’s another quick test.


yes yafray does stuff the internal renderer is not as capable of doing - simulating more realistic lighting =)

if you guys are not bored of waiting, you should check out indigo…

I tried it once, but stopped it after 30 mins. I don’t like to wait that long for renders, although this one took more than 3 hours.

Nice temple.

Everything is reative, i’ve had B.I. render of 20+ hours and i’ve had an indigo picture that took 10 second. Admitedly it was 10 pixels square but hey. Indigo is good for sprites.

I love Indigo and I use it almost exclusively, but I think you should use whatever renderer gives you the results you like and you’re the most comfortable with.

Very nice renders Seb!