Yafaray 012 beta3 is out


Prepacked exporter for 2.62 included!

Stumbled onto this today while trying to find a prebuilt version of it. Turns out they released a beta last week. :slight_smile:

Do they have a changelog, I can’t seem to find one anywhere?

Last I checked the forums I read of some limitations like Yafaray not being able to render volumes behind transparent materials, I wonder if all that has been fixed now.

As it looks no SSS and not saving GI maps into a file to reuses afterwards.

VRay your still are my champ.

http://www.rkmusic.info/avatar3.jpgAs soon as possbile

@cekuhnen: What version of V-ray is supported by Blender? And I don’t see if there’s any V-ray package for Blender (Only for 3ds max/Maya etc.) How do I use V-ray render in Blender?

you get the standalone v-ray plus the exporter script developed by Andrey . some guys who post on graphicall usually bundle their builds with the script already in it. On windows I usually download bat3a’s builds and I have spotted the v-ray script among the others he includes in his builds.

You can just download his custom build from Andrey’s website and then extract the export script folder and plug it into your own Blender 2.6.2 build. Worked fro me.

VRay for Blender works like a dream once you get it set up and learn how to use it.

Yep, I love working with VRay in Blender. One of the smoothest external renderers to use in my opinion.
Regarding Yafaray, it is nice to see a new beta version out. For a free renderer I do really like it.

Don’t spoil this thread, people, it’s about Yaf(a)ray not VRay.

Are there any new features in 0.1.2 beta3 or is it just an addon that will work with Blender 2.62?

Didn’t mean to detract from Yafaray! It’s a fantastic engine, regardless of it being free. I would also like to see a change log, because I feel like it’s been a long time since new functionality was added to it.

SPPM, instancing and Blender 2.6 integration are the main changes. SSS will be probably included the next release but it’s not clear yet…

I rediscovered Yafaray only recently (I tried it before, a long time ago, but it wasn’t very good then), but I’m very impressed. I’m looking into incorporating it into my pipeline more. It’s pretty much the only open source engine that will get you tricky lighting at good quality within a reasonable timeframe. It’s a bit harder to work with than something unbiased like cycles with its dead-simple (from a user perspective) forward pathtracing, but it’s definitely worth it. Changelogs and a twitter account/mailing list/rss to follow development would be nice.

that applies for almost everything in life :wink:

I found that there seems to be most activity around the facebook page:

The renderings dealing with architecture are pretty impressive. I hope they can work on the other missing render tools as well other wise they might remain in the niche they are in and cycles will steam roll them.

@condar - Hi, do you know if there are plans for motion blur in YafaRay? If so what sort of time frame? I like YafaRay’s relative speed versus the render quality and think it would be a good renderer for animation in the same vein as Mental Ray, but we need that motion blur first.

well… afaik there is no plans for motion blur yet.

using the 64bit version with blender 2.62 final release (on win 7), when i try to change the materials settings, the interface disappear… it remain just the titles…

that’s a blender’ bug… it happens with Luxrender too