Yafaray 012 beta3 is out



I downloaded the AddOn YafaRay 0.1.2 Beta 3 - Blender 2.62 addon - Ubuntu 11.10 64bit
on http://www.yafaray.org/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4559

To test, I also downloaded http://www.yafaray.org/download/examples
as examples:

  • Red Room, by Xelptic (license included).
  • Studio render of Nissan PathFinder, by Emirage.
    etc …

After installing the AddOn, I left the default configuration yafaray and when I press F12, I made ​​a black although Yafaray Render is the engine of choice.

-How to start rendering with 0.12 beta3?
-there are videos that can help me?

NB: I’m still amateur Yafaray!

Use the ‘convert from 2.49’ feature:-

Most of the files on yafaray site are misconfigured because there were intended for the Blender 2.49 exporter and they not work well in Blender 2.62. In a few days we will post a new demo package ready for Blender 2.62.

Hi, do you know if there are plans for motion blur in YafaRay?
That’s going to be in the next rewriting of YafaRay.

Ten years in this community. Man, I feel old.

when will the new rewritte start?

Wow. Have you seen the download figures of Yaf Beta 3 on graphical?
ie: Win64 21.000+ downloads in two days.

(the figures of graphical in general! I have never noticed just how many times these builds are grapped. It quite some numbers!)

It should be a high priority bug to solve.
why dev in charge of this bug did no progress since it is known (probably more than one year) ?
There is no bug like that for blender render or Cycles Ui.

The bug is solved in Luxrender with the last build of Luxrender/Blender.


EDIT : OOps wasn’t speak of the same bug. I spoke of the crash of Blender with Luxrender when you go in the material panel.

It’s related to how Blender refresh the Interface I think. AFAIK the bug was reported some time ago by Luxrender and Yafaray devs. I noted this when I was testing the alpha version of yafaray exporter for Blender 2.50

What I hate the most with this bug :
I never was able to identify the way to reproduce it.
I am unable to predict when it appears.

hum… I think these are total downloads, counters are not reset when a new version is uploaded. The YafaRay project is more or less doing between 5.000 and 10.000 donwloads a month aprox.

@^ I see. Still 5k - 10k is still a good deal. 21k in two days seemed quite out of scope. :slight_smile: