Yafaray and 2.5, what am I missing?

I always seen great proof of what yafray first and yafaray now can offer as a tool. I’m also wondering what’s yafaray means in terms of possibility (I’m mainly interested in animation stuff, but also good quality pictures). What about the limits? for example node compositing with Blender…

not possible

for that you can use VRay since it can save all passes into single image files.

if that is of need I am not sure if Yafaray is a good option.

Otherwise for animation and stills it is a pretty decent software.
The recent beta brings also new render options as well as new materials such as SSS to you.

Besides the nodes is there anything else left out for now with Yafaray? what about Particles?

I am not sure about that one.
Lux can do it.

Yafaray 0.1.2 can do hair, but not halo. It will also render particles using the ‘Object’ visualisation.

It will also render ies lighting and z-depth.

There is a list of new features and changes here:-

Thanks guys.
If you should talk about the advantage of using Yafaray over the BI, it would be the quality of the renders, right?

you can get good quality renders from both when it comes to shaders, with my limited knowledge of yafaray I have found it easier to setup metallic and glass shaders in yafaray. It also handles glossy materials better than blender internal. I have yet to test the SSS shader that has been added in GSOC projects.

it would be the fact that being a Global Illumination renderer it should make easier to light scenes up: rather than adding many funky spot light rigs for direct illumination and testing many others to optimal fake indirect illumination, you just add a few main light sources and the renderer figures out all by itself all possible light paths.

With 2.5 integration, I hope that, in a near future, it would be possible to bake Yafaray render to textures.

I second zeauro andnames points.

But I would say that I see Yafaray as a product render engine
and not like a render module that can do everything Blender can do
such as smoke and texture stress.

To bad that Blender has no GI.

But technical animation I would do without GI
and for realism not use Blender at all but lets say Yafaray or VRay.

Does yafaray works with blender 2.53? If does, how can I set it up?

no, just up to 2.49 with python 2.6.

Support for 2.5 is coming up, for most external renderers as the API is finally getting stabilized.

Yafaray 2.53 plugin