yafaray and diamond

I just started playing with yafaray. However, I can’t generate realistic looking glass, let alone diamond. Also, is it possible to use the the materials in blender with the yafaray renderer. Are there any good tutorials on yafaray and glass available? Thanks,


For diamond use an ior of 2.42 and some dispersion. Glass is around 1.53

Blender Textures can be used but the materials must be set up in the Yafaray gui. I suggest you read through the user guide at yafaray.org

all the information you need is on the wikipedia page for diamond in the box on the right, IOR, dispersion

it may be that you don’t think that it looks good because your environment isn’t real enough yet. For objects using the glass type material like diamond they don’t really look like anything unless there is a suitably real environment to reflect and react. What we see when we see a real diamond is a very complex combination of many reflections and refractions.

Also the number of ray bounces might need to be be higher. Also diamonds to look right need caustics turned on. Photon mapping is my favorite for gemstones.

Hope this helps

How is the enviroment on this? Do I need anymore lights for the yafaray render or is it a problem with the diamond’s material. The caustics is ok but the diamond is too dark. Any way to improve on this?


The blackness seems to be the black background reflected. Ain’t used yafaray myself, but set up a HDR environment image that will cover all black areas, should do the trick.

hey guys im new in blender i’ve done a couple of scenes and i like blneder but now i want to make a diamond ring but i can’t seem to find any tutorial on how to make a diamond :confused: and i like this diamond here in this forum so i want to ask you guys if you can make a tutorial for it, or when i can find a similar one (i dont want the .blend i want to do it myself) thanx

go to www.blenderwonder.blogspot.com . It doesn’t have a actual tutorial but offers tip and information on how to properly render a diamond with yafaray