YafaRay Annual Contest 2011 Edition - Insectum

Stag beetle by Fine

Contest topic
Insectum. It consist in depicting an insect or a significative part of it in a close-up shot simulating a macrophotography. The insect should be placed in an appropiate enviroment. You can opt either for a hyper realistic style or for an imaginary situation, but seek always for artistic qualities.

The contest runs from July 4 to August the 31 st. 0:00 GMT.

The winners will be selected by a jury composed of members of the YafaRay Team. Prizes consist in:

  • A CG-education book or DVD from Amazon or alternatively an item from the Blender e-shop for the first, second and third place winners.

  • There will be a Special mention category for high-quality works.

  • All entries reasonably finished and deemed good enough will be included in the Contest Gallery.


  • The final render may consis in a sigle render pass or a post-process and composition of different YafaRay render passes. Tone mapping is allowed as well.

  • Final render minimun resolution must be 1024 x 1280 portrait or 1280 x 1024 landscape, in PNG format.

  • Every contestant must open his/her own work in progress thread in the YafaRay Annual Contest 2011 forum. The last image posted on everyone’s thread will be the one considered by the jury for the voting process.

  • Midterm evaluation. To be considered and listed for the winners’ places, contestants should have already posted in his/her own WIP thread at least 3 renders or 3D viewport screenshots by August 1, showing significative progress. At that point, the jury would clarify which contestants will qualify for the winners’ places.

  • ‘Out of Contest’ participation is allowed using any topic. These participations are not considered for the winners’ places, though they could be included in the Special Mention category. These participations will be included in the Contest Gallery too if they are reasonably finished and are deemed good enough.


  • There is plenty of time, but remember that there will be a mid term evaluation (read the rules above). Use this extra time to plan your work and to seek for references.

  • In your local public library there should be several books on insects with photographs. If they happen to have good entomology books too, you will be able to find detailed descriptions and diagrams of many insects parts, for instance wings tipology.

Books will be a good resource to decide what kind of insect you would like to reproduce. There are so many species of insects that it is for sure that you can find one you like and suits well your modelling skills.

Besides, books will give you a good idea about the kind of work and commitment needed to finish your proposal. Insects are a good subject to get people started in organic modelling, but finishing it well requires good modelling and texturing skills.

I’m definitely in! Finally I’ll try how Yaf(a)ray is integrated with the 2.5x version of Blender. Hope it’s fine enough!

is it done? I one found something on a german site but it didn’t work my svn version of blender. anyways. here’s a forum thread on yafaray forum for binaries and script for 2.5X blender


Yeah, I know this page, still I wasn’t following development for quite a while. Thanks anyway.

This looks like an interesting contest. I may try it.

I tried the yafa osx build with 10.5. The addon could not be activated in Blender 2.57

I tried the yafa osx build with 10.5. The addon could not be activated in Blender 2.57

The OSX 10.5 capable addon is made in 64bit and only tested with Blender 2.58
Afaik bw-compatibility was taken away for older Blender due api-changes.

But i could not test myself on OSX 10.5, so only 10.6 compat. is tested atm.

( assuming you are talking about my build indeed :eyebrowlift: )


Jens the read me file inside your zip says 2.57. but i tried the 2.58 too… No chance ;(

That README seems a bit outdated anyway, but as iám compiling
on 10.6, there could have been an issue jumped in.
This i often experience when doing crosscompiles with cmake/make.

Any log what goes wrong ?

I may try a compile with cmake/XCode later, this is more reliable using the right SDK.

Edit: sorry, don´t get it compiled for 10.5 atm, get compile errors. So for less frustration, i removed the
10.5 build and exchanged with a newer and faster working 10.6 only build.

BTW: i propose someone should try a compile on 10.5 directly, is less hassle. The tweaks i made for
having OSX/Blender compat are in trunk already. Hint: you can use the blender libs as dependencies !


Thanks a lot for the new Yafaray build Jens!

I’m out of competition…

Here ya go tungee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MactelSupportTeam/AppleIntelInstallation

I do understand that having a WIP-Thread may be necessary to win, but that midterm-evaluation is stupid imho.
What if (for example) I don’t have time to start prior the 2. august but intend to work fulltime on my entry after this date?

This is a pretty cool contest, I may have a go :slight_smile: One question though to help me pick a bug: does Yafaray support blender (2.5) hair particles?

Yes it does, though currently it doesn’t support children.

Thanks organic :slight_smile: I’ll do some tests. Great way to finally try Yafaray!