Yafaray can't render with photon mapping and IBL enabled, help

I created a very simple scene, few diamonds and a background, enabled Photon Mapping and IBL (use HDR image for world texture), then I had waited for about 1 hour and nothing ever came out on the render window (see attached) :eek:
I don’t know if my scene or my settings was wrong, I tried using the same settings on another scene and the render was good.


yafaray_trial.blend (1.29 MB)

I have no problem with your scene… are you using an old version of blender/yafaray?

What a strange :frowning: I use Blender 2.49b and Yafaray 0.1.1, I also found a reported bug on yafaray site that said Photon Mapping along with IBL cause the renderer to hang.
Unbelievably it worked on your machine, can u please recheck that you used Photon Mapping and the HDR’s still there :smiley:

I didn’t remember the times of 2.49 and yaf 0.1.1:D

I made the test on 2.57 and yafaray 0.1.2, there’s a screen capture of the scene