Yafaray Crash

Does this scene crash on anyone else’s computer when rendering with Yafaray. It won’t even initialize for me.

I tried:

  1. Appending objects into new file
  2. Appending meshes into new file
  3. Un/re - installing YafaRay
  4. Rendering other files (works fine unless appended from problem file)
  5. Adjusting material settings (won’t let me) :confused:
  6. Adjusting world
  7. Adjusting settings

Thank you very much.


bathroom.blend (353 KB)

Crashes blender when I hit render. Using blender 2.49b on mac.



Okay; that’s half of the problem.

There are two problems I think - Cube and Cube.002

This was all I could save:-
bathroom-01.blend (472 KB)

Wow, thanks! What was the problem?

I don’t know, I appended the objects one at a time into a new file without materials applied and tried to render. It would only render without those two.