Yafaray doesn't allow you to have later python versions?

In the OSX installation notes, it says not to install any other python versions… how do you do it? I have to revert to an older version of python just to use it? And yet lots of people use yafaray. How is it worth it?
If there’s a better free one that works on mac, let me know.

Geez, I found lux render and got my hopes up, and found out that it requires the same thing. FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuu…

When will photon mapping be integrated into the blender internal renderer??

I guess they either;

(a) Use an OS that allows them to install multiple versions of Python (such as Windows or Linux)


(b) Don’t get hung up about using a lower version of Python than the rest of us. Unless you’re a serious python script developer (in which case you probably wouldn’t be running OSX) what does it matter if you’re running a custom version of Blender with a lower Python install?


If you build it yourself you can use the later version of Python.