Yafaray error: Can't find QtGui4.dll

Well, I posted this on Yafaray’s forums, but after a while I haven’t gotten even 10 views, and I’ve gotten 0 replies, and I’m not patient enough. So, let’s see if someone can help me on here faster.

OK, I’m finally working on a project in Blender that has enough raytracing for me to look into alternate ways to render. So, since I’ve heard the name Yafray (or Yafaray) a lot, I decided to try it out. I had Blender 2.46 when I downloaded Yafaray, just because I was too lazy to upgrade, but when I hit Yafaray Export 0.0.3 it said it was made for Blender 2.47, and may not work. So, I downloaded Blender 2.48, the latest version as you all know, and tried again. This time it told me error, check the console and whatever. I don’t remember exactly what it said, but I closed Blender, got back in, and tried again. This time it gave me this error msg:


I clicked ok, and Blender lit up the same thing about checking the error console, and this time it said this:


I reinstalled both Blender and Yafaray, and it still gives me the same error msg.

I’m using Windows Vista, as you can see above, if that helps any. If you need any more info, ask for it. I can get it. And please don’t shy away from the technical explanations, I’m one of those computer geeks who can take it and learn from it.

Oh, yeah, and in case you were wondering about the blurred out parts in those screens, they included names that you don’t need to know. So…yeah…

Help pl0x? :?

BTW, is there any other software besides Blender and Python 2.5 that I need to run it? That might be a simple fix…

EDIT: Oh, I just did some more browsing on Yafaray’s site, and found that I need Visual C++ redistributable package. Installing now, I’ll get back to y’all in a second.

EDIT 2: Installed it, and still have the same problem… :frowning:

there should be two files in the windows heading on the yaf(a)ray download page you need them both.

Oh, duh!!! I got the same answer on Yafray’s forums. Thanks. Why is it that I can always figure out the complicated answers to complicated questions, but I can never see the most obvious solutions like this.