Yafaray faded (pale) textures

When rendering in Yafaray, I’m finding that my textures appear faded. Changing material type or it’s settings doesn’t seem to help. It is a bit confusing, because i have to manually darken textures to make them look ok. Attached images shows the problem.


If you have Colour Management on, turn it off.

Yafaray already works with linear colour on and having it on for blender as well will make your renders look faded and washed out.

If that is not the problem, make sure your gamma input is the same as your gamma output, which should both be 2.2.

Thank you, it seems that Colour Management was the problem. I turned it off in Yafaray and textures are displayed properly :yes: Is it possible to disable it in Blender instead of Yafaray?

Unfortunately not, though you probably wouldn’t want to. It seems the way the Blender API is set up this is the best way to do it for now.