Yafaray for 2.8 tut?

is there some sort of tutorial on how to install yafaray 3.4.4 on blender 2.8

and how to do nice glass with refraction and caustic?

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If there is no special branch there is no 2.8+ addon but a newer version for 2.79b (3.5.1)
Edit: here is a version that should work with 2.82.

The .zip looks like you can install it like any other addon.

what about this new 3.44 supposed to work on 2.8 ?\

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@MarioPeper, it version doesnt work properly. I dont recommend to install it.

@RickyBlender, no, just works that @MarioPeper posted, but it worth.

@RickyBlender I don’t know why you want yafaray but I would suggest LuxCoreRender .

i found a version for 2.79 and working
would prefer 2.8 but can wait

i just want to do some nice realistic glass in yafaray
it could be done also in lux but easier i think to work in yafaray

in 2.79 i cannot find how to set the color of material !
anyone can explain where to find it in yafaray

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@RickyBlender, just wait for a few times i will show you.

@MarioPeper, I’m using E-Cycles for faster rendering. LuxCore for realistic renders, Corona for some testing purposes, TheBounty for my hobby and YafaRay for it is classic therm and plus it is FATHER of Blender’s first realistic render like V-Ray is MOTHER of all render engines because its long-years (since 2000+).

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Well thats a good mix. :rofl: I somtimes use POV-Ray also for GI pimping in postpro.

can some one give me a few tips to get going with yafaray

1 - whne i add a yafaray mat i don’t see panel to set spec for color
so where do i find these mat color settings ?

2 - if i select glass i guess you can also set color but where is it ?

3 - how do i increase render quality
right now glass is very low and a bit noisy

i read doc on yafaray for mat but does not help in 2.79
or for 2.8

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@MarioPeper, it is good when you know how to using any engine. Unfortunately, i’m not use PR.

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Incredibly it is still in development, but very hesitant. I have also looked into yafaray and appelseed, but since I now Luxrender there is nothing else for me. I always wanted to try radiance but I think those pioneer days are really over.

The reason for slow development is a few times on development. There are planned a lot of features such as Embree, OIDN, GPU compute.

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  1. Can you post what did you means with the screenshot?
  2. It is related on which integrator did you using:
    Pathtracing - Path+Photon gives you better result. I’m using this settings depended on my scene:

    Photon mapping:

    Note that everytime you need to test your scene with optimal/different settings for optimization. Just my opinion.

in 2.79 i still don’t see the panel you have shown
will be back later on with screen shot
might be a bug !

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here is yafaray 344 in 2.79

it is installed
i get the different yafaray material
but not the specs for the material !
so how do i get the other panel showing all the mat specs ?

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@RickyBlender, cuz u opened already materialed(cycles or eevee shaded ) project with Yafaray. Check that material has previous Node . Try create new material and then it shows you mat panel.

@RickyBlender, here the scene which is completed for tests:

that link download an EXE file not a blend file
why ?

will try to create a new mat see if i can get new panel

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