Yafaray for 2.8 tut?

i added a new object and added new mat and i get more mat specs

now for existing object how do i get the yafaray panel for mat ?
do i have to create a new mat
cause it cannot use existing nodes made in cycles ?

here is new screen shot for new object and mat

what are these fake parameters ?

happy bl

@RickyBlender, try to download from another browser. It works fine here.

@RickyBlender, unfortunately, you must create everytime new material for every objects if you used other material system like Cycles or whatever. But you can screenshot that Cycles material inside when you used Cycles and use that screenshot for porting-like tutorial for adaptation YafaRat material system. For example, this is a short (my opinion) settings port for Cycles (Left Yafaray matrrial = Right Cycles material):

● Shiny-diffuse shader = Diffuse Bsdf
Oren-Nayer (use 0.3 value) = GGX reflectane (~)
Specular refl. = Diffuse bsdf’ roughness (~)

● Glossy shader = Glossy bsdf (rough 0.01-0.5)

● Coated-Glossy shader = Princepled bsdf (Spec 0.5-0.7, rough 0.1-0.3, shinetint 0.5, coat gloss 0.5-1.0, coat rough 0.01-0.1)

And so on…

will continue testing later this weekend

i’m working on some old WWII tubes made of glass
and some metals
so will try to make a new file for one of these and tests render

but Yafaray seems to be a lot more realist and simpler then cycles
unless you start faking things in cycles!

may be i should try to use Lux
but did not have much success up to now
i did like all the lamps features in Lux and wish we had these in cycles! LOL

thanks for the tips
happy cl

is there a window showing nodes set up for yafaray or only in properties window?

happy bl

did a test with a tube with tick wall
and some bevel at top and bottom
tried some different renderer

and still having some issues with the bevel at top and bottom
mind you it is better then cycles which make top and bottom blackish
see pics here

suzanne here has no subsurf and not smoothed at all
so don’t worry about that one just a prop added to test

let me know if you want the file i an upload it

thanks for any tip
happy cl

i found a video tut on how to set up yafaray for Gems
and i tested and seems to work nicely
but very slow take like 1 hour to render

Video also include some composite nodes to add some sparks
which is not needed but might be useful for special effect

will be back with some test screen later on

happy bl

here is a first low res render for gems and some glass

glass is somehow too dark not certain why !

any tips to make it more transparent or whitish >

happy cl