Yafaray glass and liquid test

A test done trying to figure out how to render transparent reflective materials.

Here a scene with

  • 3 area light rig setup
  • 1 rounded plane as background
  • 1 mesh for external glass
  • 1 mesh for upper liquid (beer) materials
  • 1 mesh for internal surface (glass + liquid)

Photon mapping.

Render done with build blender 2.59 + yafaray 0.1.2 Beta 2 + exporter on a Linux Mint 11 64bit system.

I’ll try to go on working on this scene cause I don’t like the setup (light, camera and plane) and beer also lacks bubble and head. color is not perfect too.

It’s the first time I try a scene like this.

Any expert who can give me some advice?

This isn’t bad at all. I love Yafaray, except that it isn’t helped by a GPU in rendertimes the way something like Cycles is.
I agree about the bubbles.
Andrew Price did a cool tut recently at BlenderGuru on how to make realistic ice. There’s a part in there where he shows making little bubbles inside the ice. It occurs to me that you could use the same technique to get convincing streams of bubbles coming up in your beer. So you might want to have a look at that real quick for a little reference.
Otherwise, this is a fine render.

thank you. I’m going to check the tut right now.

Nice! Some foam on top would be awsome if possible.


  • changed beer color
  • added bubbles
  • changed top light position

how do these bubbles look? I’m not very happy with them… they’re black. Maybe it’s the little backlighting. I’ll make some test.

Now I’ve to understand how to do foam on top…

  • 1 mesh for upper liquid (beer) materials
  • 1 mesh for internal surface (glass + liquid)

Something with this is giving weird results…
it looks odd to me…

that liquid separation in the center looks distracting to me.
(Could you maybe make it less apparent ? maybe add some transparency to it, or remove some specular from it or something… it looks like you have a glass of apple juice with 10W-30 oil floating on the top or something )

here is a glas of motor oil… see no line in the middle…

you can see in this one, beer doesn’t have that separation line in the middle…

that line is caused by the glass conformation. take a look to the wire.

I think it’s normal with such a glass. don’t you think?