YafaRay Indoor Scene

Just another indoor scene. I’m open to all kind of critics/comments.
I’m bad at post-production. You can tell me about your post-production workflow.

The usual quality of Yafaray. You like yellowish color tones.
Post production is important part but little bit tricky with Yafa because no render layers yet. I will suggest you free Paint.net for post-pro not Gimp. Paint.net is much faster and better post-pro free plugin filters with preview, thats my opinion.

What makes paint.net better?

i use gimp, as admitted on top, gimp not quick-to-know tool

Faster to launch, faster plugins, much better whole image previews like designed to post-pro.
Launching first time Gimp is like starting Autocad…loading…still loading…
Edit: used Gimp for years and still wondering who can use those previews effectively.

Thank you. I installed it. I guess I have to download and install plugins seperately. Because it isn’t different tham ms paint now