Yafaray interior render

Here is my first interior scene. Rendered with Yafaray. I tried to make it as realistic as possible, but at the moment it looks too “synthetic” to me, and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. I will be thankful for any help and suggestions.

In reality, nothing is straight, nothing is angular, nothing is flat. Start by making everything a lite less perfect and reality starts to sneak in… ;D

its a good start, but i agree with first comment; things look a little too perfect. Also the lighting seems a little dull. Also why is the title cycles interior render if its done with yafaray? Good start, look forward to seeing it improve! :smiley:

It’s a great start, but as mentioned above I’d recommend changing the thread title if it’s rendered with Yafaray not Cycles.

The sofa and armchair need some small signs of wear or fading and maybe a bump map on the leather (or plastic). This should be very subtle, but it helps to sell it as a real object. I would also add some sort of subtle bump map to some other elements, like the rug. Wear and scuff marks are present in every real room, though it’s very easy to overdo the process and make something look dilapidated rather than just used. Keep it subtle for a scene like this, but the time spent on it makes a huge difference.

The flower pot has a repetition of texture.

Thanks for comments and advise. I’ll try them out.
“Also why is the title cycles interior render if its done with yafaray?” :o I should stop thinking about two things simultaneuosly… By the way, how do I change thread title? If I click “edit” I can edit just message, not the title…

Go to Advanced editing to change the title.

Here is finally the result. Added some bump to rug, sofa and armchair. Also added curtains, plinth and splitted linoleum on the floor into two pieces.


The carpet needs a bump map. If you take a cloud texture and apply that as the bump map, it might look a bit more realistic.

The cloth behind the curtains should look a little more draped like the curtains. Right now it looks flat and more like glass.

I don’t think the flower pot has a repetitive texture. I think the mesh has not been shaded smooth.

Other than that, it looks really great. I like the plant and the glass reflections with the book on it the most.

one thing i think will change the scene greatly is the net curtain in the background. It seems to be flat with no natural crinks etc. They should look like the curtains do (which look great btw)

The carpet’s bump is a great problem for me. It’s already bump mapped, and bump size is quite big (something about 2.5). Increasing it makes carpet look unrealistic. I tried to add fur, but the amount of strands needed to obtain good result is really huge, and my computer can’t handle it…
Will try to think of some other way…

Here is what I get at the end. Used displacement for the carpet. Just can’t fing a good settings for the white curtain material. It is always looks too flat…