yafaray modelling

i have a few questions on how to model with yafaray
and get good results

so here are a few questions

1 - how can you open up yafaray in one of the viewport?
Right now when cliking on the render menu it open in button window

2 - how can you add a photon lamp

3 - how to get the procedural texture to be seen in render
if it can be done at all ?

4 - does normal and spot light works to show texture in render
seems that you have to increase the Power or intensity to a very high value
like 100 or 300 !
is this normal ?

5 - Textures procedural
i cannot see the procedural textures on my render
but i can see the normal produce by theses textures
so what settings do you need to see them

6 - can text objects be seen in the render ?
or if you have to convert to mesh before!

sorry for double posting
i press some key and lost the first post but it’s went through?

ok here is a pic of what it should look like in blender
but how to do it in yafaray

now i’m trying to get this to render in yafaray
but having lots of problem of all sort
so anyhel appreciated to start understanding the
principles in yafray

sample of the file



could you upload a new file - my Blender crashes each time I try to open it.


and after downloaded it it works fine on my PC
see pic

try it again with the dowload upper left corner see pic

if it does not work let me know i’ll upload again


it is not your side

I noticed my Blender cashes in general with Yaf(a)Ray again …

dont know why

ok do you want me to load just the model no yafray things in it
jsut the plain file with the little model in it !