YafaRay News: 1.99 Beta4 released

Hi there. I am opening this since the old one is outdated and closed. We are testing a new version of YafaRay, fully compatible with Blender 2.74 and with some new interesting features and old bugs fixed.

Beta 2&3:


  • Changes to the blend material “component” material1,material2 handling.
  • New advanced parameters for fine control of Shadow Bias/Min Ray Dist if the automatic calculation is not good enough.
  • Fix for caustics noise coming from Non-IBL background in Photon Mapping.
  • Background “power” parameters relocated.

Windows and Linux builds at:

OSX 10.6 - 10.10: http://www.jensverwiebe.de/Yafaray/Y…ntel_64bit.zip

Unzip and put folder in Blender scripts/addons folder. You can use Blender User Preference panel to install the addon as well. Please test it and let us know if it works for you or if you have any new issues or problems. If all works fine, perhaps these improvements will be included in the next official version of YafaRay.

nice! seems to run well here (windows 8.1). couldn’t get any previous version to work for about a year now.

Great News Alvaro! I will test it soon. Thank you.

I haven’t been checking on Yafaray lately, is there hair support yet?

thanks, had some silly warning with avast see here

hey great to see this project is still running!

Nice news :eyebrowlift2:

are there any OSX 64bit versions? I was testing on Windows and it’s glad to see Yafaray getting some love:)

what is the main reason there is no MAC OSX version?

Lack of someone to compile for MAC. :frowning:

Hair has been supported for a long time, though on Yafaray not fully. For example, rendering child particles is not supported.

New 0.1.99 beta2 available with new fixes, see first message:

  • Fix for some cases where Normals were incorrectly calculated and showing black NaN areas.

  • IMPORTANT: This beta2 includes an EXPERIMENTAL change to calculate automatically Shadow Bias and Minimum Ray Dist depending on the scene size. This is to avoid black artifacts when resizing the objects. However as it’s a fundamental change that affects everything, perhaps some new artifacts could appear in the images now and further fine tuning needed in this new formula. Please give us feedback about it in the forum:http://www.yafaray.org/community/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5084

  • Small correction in the new Clay Render system. In the previous beta1 the original diffuse reflection for each material was incorrectly preserved. Now it will force it to 1.0 during Clay Render.

Expect more beta relases till we finish testing all changes.

Alvaro, barring me winning the lottery and getting the CPU from hell baking still won’t be supported I guess. My interest is in animating and the look I can get with Yafaray using only AO and Direct Light is simply amazing to me.

I’ve been in Cycles for two months using Limited GI and attempting to bake the lighting and haven’t come close to the Yafaray renders for richness. Even through I have cut down on the render times. Actually, fooling myself that the results are even close. And, yeah my Nvidia card is a bottom feeder also. Hey, fixed income so it is what it is. Regardless I’m glad to hear you are still keeping it alive.

The caustics are incredibly fast!!!

I can’t still put image texture. It is expected or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the kind words. Baking lighting results won’t happen any time soon I believe, taking into account our very limited resources. YafaRay can load and map textures just as Blender Internal does, but it can not load Blender encapsulated textures, you should unpack them first.

So it’s a bug. I’m not using encapsulated textures.
Even unpacking continues without textures.
I’m using version 0.1.99 beta 2 for Windows 64bit.

:RocknRoll: Glad to see something new for Yafaray.

I am testing the Win 64bits build here and I don’t have any issue with textures. Can you please enable the blender console, YafaRay ouputs there messages when a texture is not being loaded and why.

When I open the Blender the console shows:
Load Handler: Convert YafaRay texture “Tex” with texture type: “NONE” to “NONE”

That is normal. What errors or warnings are printed when you render with image textures that do not display?

I think you just missed to set texture type: image