YafaRay photon mapping guide

Halloo everyone,
this is one photon map lighting guide I made for YAFARAY, check it outhere.
I hope it would finally show up in the tutorial section. But its been 4 day i posted and I think thats about time…
Also I think that forum (unlike wiki) should be used freely based on the consideration of the user…

Thanks, it’s great to have more informations on Yafaray, have you submitted it to the Yafaray website too?

yap Its there already :slight_smile:

grat work dude. Thabks a lot!

hey hey hey,
guys is anybody in the forum here capable of moving this to the tutorial section?
I have contacted several admins with no apparent success.

I recently modeled and rendered with Yafaray using Photon Mapping. See attached. I kept getting tiny black squares throughout, maybe I need to up the FG samples… I’ll give it a try.

BUT, what about that green counter, I’m getting bleed from the walls… looks like melted metal on the counter. What could cause this, can I fix it. I thought it was bug, but I’m starting to wonder if I just messed a setting up somewhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.:o


i just bookmarked this and cant wait to read it, i skimmed and it looks great!!