Yafaray problem...

hey there :smiley:

i just downloaded Yafaray 0.1.1 (the most recent version), installed it, and everything went fine. Then i try to use it in Blender, but the box where you can switch render-engines isn’t under the big Render button like it used to.
I’m using 2.49b, btw. Is there a way to use Yafaray with 2.49b? 'cause i can’t find it :frowning: the option was in 2.48a, but not in 2.49x



As you access yafaray through a script, you can use select it from the script window or from the Render menu at the top of the main blender screen.

In earlier blender versions you could select ‘yafray’ from the render panel. This has not been updated for a number of years so was removed.You have installed yafaray (note different spelling), another renderer.


aren’t Yafray and Yafaray the same thing? one’s just a newer version, right?

so, i have to access it through a script… and this script is already in Blender, cool :smiley:


edit: ok, i just tried it… that is weird. not very practical, either, you have to switch windows…