Yafaray Refuses to Show In Render Menu

currently i am following a tutorial on building a kitchen which requires Yafaray. I installed the latest version and yet it refuses to show up on Blender’s Render drop-down menu. after looking around i keep seeing that this (yafaray_ui.py) needs to be in Blender’s scripts folder. unfortunetly, its not anywhere on my computer, i installed and Yafaray several times and it still didn’t work. also, i am running on Vista, if that helps. any solutions would be nice

and for those curious, the tutorial

Download the Blender Export Scripts from the YafaraRay Homepage and unzip this into you scripts folder.

@coralian a lot of things have changed in Blender land my friend. The old yafray render engine is no longer under developement so is no longer been supported in Blender. I think even the code has been removed from Blender, that was the render you could access via the pulldowm menu on the render panel.

This render engine has been replaced by yafaray which works through a render export python script If you are on 2.49a you also need python 2.6 installed. this last part can be tricky depending on largely how you installed Blender if you are like most people and simply clicked ‘next’ on every step of your install than the Blender scripts folder is in the hidden applications data folder.

I have my install put my scripts in ‘C:\Program Files\Blender…’ than its a matter of just running the yafaray installer which to my knowledge also installs the scirpt needed in the correct folders. It was five minute setup job on my side to get it running but I know people on windows struggle to get yafaray running. there was a thread with helpful hints on getting to work that you might want to check out.

isn’t B2.49a suppose to use P2.6? At least thats the version packaged with Ubuntu Jaunty.

During Installation
During the YafaRay installation process, the installer automatically detects the Blender scripts folder wherever it is, and installs yafaray_ui.py there. Obviously, for this to happen Blender must be installed before YafaRay. Two things can happen:

  • The installer tells you nothing and finishes the installation. It means that the Blender scripts folder has been found, and yafaray_ui.py has been put there.
  • If YafaRay can not find the scripts folder, it displays a missage like this:

If you get this windows, it means that the YafaRay installer can not find registry information about Blender and where it has got its stuff installed. It could happen if you installed Blender using a zip archive. You should manually select where the Blender scripts folder is.

Problems once YafaRay is installed

  • YafaRay was apparently installed successfully, but you don’t get an item in Blender Render menu, to launch the YafaRay settings interface.
  • The script crashes when it is launched.
  • You can not tell where yafaray_ui.py is installed, there isn’t a folder with such a file.


  • The YafaRay export item doesn’t show up in Render menu: First be sure Python is installed. It must be a version compatible with both Blender & YafaRay installed. Be sure yafaray_ui.py is installed in the scripts folder linked to the Blender installation you are using, specially if you have more than one Blender installation in your computer.
  • Looking for yafaray_ui.py: The Blender scripts folder in documents and settings{user}\appdata is a hidden folder by default. In that case, the best way to check where you have yafaray_ui.py is using the search tool, with ‘looking in hidden folders’ option enabled, or enable ‘show hidden folders’ in the files explorer.
  • The script crashes: Use latest versions of YafaRay & Blender. Be careful, you should have compatible versions of Blender & Python & YafaRay installed. It is explained in YafaRay download page, please read it: http://www.yafaray.org/download/yafaray011RC3.
  • The script crashes: If there are some yafaray scripts from previous YafaRay versions that has not been correctly unistalled, you should look for then in the active Blender scripts folder and remove them. Only yafaray_ui.py stays in Blender scripts folder.
  • You keep on getting different kind of python crashes: If you have a mess of several Blender installations, scripts folders, unistalled YafaRay versions, and several Python versions installed as well, nothing will work and you will be getting different kind of crashes untill all the issues are solved.

Be in command of your system, and get a clean compatible installation of all needed software after a thoroughly unistallation of every Blender, YafaRay and Python found. When unistalling Blender, erase scripts folder as well. And remember, install YafaRay after Blender

do you have the qtlibs installed?