yafaray setup

i’m trying to set upo a little scene for rendering some rings
a little like the example in yafaray book PDf

is there a file we can download for this example for rings ?

now how and what type of lamps should i use to begin with
of i want to see something for gold rings?

i tried adding a plane above the rings and make a meshlight
and increase the power but i only got a mostly black rendering

and the yafaray site was down this night and could not get any doc!

another thng here ounce you set up material and light
is there a way to save it so when hyou reload yafaray your setup is done
and how to save this setup?

any help appreciated thanks

happy blendering

When you’re using mesh light in Yafaray, their size affects the power and the softness of the shadows. A bigger plane will have more power and softer shadows (it works the same as Area lamps).
You have to checked the normals too, they must point towards the object you want to light, it’s very important. You could enable “Double sided” in the objects panel of the Yafaray GUI if you need to light a large scene.
For the rings of the documentation, they used an hdri texture for the world to make these reflections.

The setup, with materials is saved with the blend file, but I don’t think you can import them between files.

but when you add a plane let say so you need to ahve th normal toward the objects in scene !

but does it mean that you need to put that all around the objects
to have control shadows ?


i tried with 2 setup

1 - with sun lamp and one point lamp

and then with an area light alone

see pic

but far from the results shown in yafaray doc for rings!

the pic are a little grainy

any tough on how to correct that ?

be back with link - i cannot load up pics here !
here is the link


i think you can see pic directly or download it !


You should have posted that in the support part of the forum, or on the Yafaray website. Maybe a moderator would move this thread in a better place.

So, your second picture is in the right way.You should add another Area lamp (or two) to have some kind of a studio lighting setup: a fill light on the right and a Rim light behind the rings. This method is called Three-Point Lighting.
For the grainy part, you should increase the samples of your Area lamp.
The reflections will give more realism to your rings, so as I told you, you have to use a hdri texture for that.
I strongly recommend you to post this on the Yafaray forum.

ok i open a new thread in Wip Forum
cuase it may take a while experimenting will all the different settings

and don’t know i’ll try here in WIP forum first

i’m certain other poeples would love to know how to set up things for yafaray too!

and if this doesn not work may be open a thread in Yafaray
but the last time i did a few months ago i never got an answer ?

don’t know may it has changed ?

so here is the new thread


Thanks for your helps guys
and hope you can continue in Wip forum