YafaRay Summer Contest 2013 "Vanguardist Architecture"

Abstract Landscape by Xelptic

Contest Topic
***The contest topic is Vanguardist Architecture. The idea is to depic and render futuristic arquictectural ideas and forms but you could also pay homage to vanguard arquitects and movements from the past. We are looking for awesome modelling and rendering in final works.


  • Winners will be selected by a jury composed by members of the YafaRay Team.
  • The winner will get two items from the Blender e-shop or alternatively two training books or DVDs from Amazon.
  • Second and third place winners will get an item from the Blender e-shop or alternatively a CG training book or DVD from Amazon.
  • There will be a Special Mention category for high-quality works not included in the first three places. They will get a DVD or book as well from the Blender e-shop.
  • All entries reasonably finished and deemed good enough will be included in the Contest Gallery.


  • Modelling. You can use any 3D package to model your entry.
  • Post-processing. The final render might consis in a single YafaRay render pass or a post-processing and composition of different YafaRay render and data passes. Compositing against a real background is allowed but it should only contribute background sky to the final result. Other effects produced with compositors like glare, motion blur, glow, vignetting, etc. are also allowed. However, volumetric effects in contained spaces and DOF should be achieved with YafaRay tools. Contenders can use any YafaRay release to render their entry, even experimental ones.
  • Resolution. Final render minimun resolution must be 1920×1080p lanscape or 1080 x 1920p portraït, using a lossless format such as PNG.
  • Work in Progress. Every contestant must open his/her own work in progress thread in the contest subforum. The last image posted on everyone’s thread will be the one considered by the jury for the voting process.
  • Midterm evaluation. To be considered and listed for a prize, contestants should have already posted in his/her own WIP thread at least 3 clay renders or 3D viewport screenshots by the contest midterm, showing significative progress. At that point, the jury would clarify if needed which contestants will qualify for a prize.


  • Starting date: 1 Juliol
  • Midterm evaluation: 28 Juliol
  • Deadline: 26 August 00:00 h. CEST