Yafaray terrain

Hello I have been using yafaray for a little bit and I have just made an extremelly realistic tank but the ground ruins it. The only thing i can think of is using an image and normaling it. :eyebrowlift: What else can I do? I can’t do particles can I?

You could use a normal map, a bump map, the displace modifier, the proportional edit tool, or model it.

You can use hair particles to make grass, but only with the 0.1.2 development branch:-

I downloaded that new yafaray and whenever I have hair particles, yafaray crashes

by the way, I am sure it is the new yafaray, things have changed

actually they haven’t, it still says 1.1. I installed it in blender, do I have to delete the old yafaray?

You have to build it, they are only recently introduced.

build it? What do you mean

You would have to build Yafaray from source by checking out from the svn repositories on this page:-

Then following these guidance notes:-

It is relatively straightforward to do on linux, but I don’t know how easy it is on Windows or mac. The alternative is to wait until the binaries are updated.

I’m on a mac, so I guess I’ll just wait :frowning: