YafaRay Textures/Materials problem

Hi all.

I made a scene. I added materials and textures to objects. In Blender Renderer everything is good, but in YafaRay all objects has white materials/textures. I tried to make new scene with few simple objects and texture them, but it’s the same. Do I did something wrong? I did check forums and tutorials, but didn’t find any solutions.

Thx for help in adv and sorry for my bad english.

You did also set up the materials in YafaRay, didn’t you?
YafaRay’s python interface has its own ‘Materials’ section to configure the material settings. Otherwise all materials show in render as white shinydiffuse materials.

Textures are some of the few things that should be taken over from Blender’s settings, however… What does Blender’s console output say? Any error messages?

I would suppose that the fact textures are not showing in YafaRay indicates that either…
a) YafaRay can not find the texture file. Are all paths to the texture files absolute paths?
b) Or YafaRay is not compatible with the textures’ file type. Do you use something exotic?

Maybe it would be helpful if you posted a .blend where the problem occurs?

Yes, I did set up materials in Yafaray too. Console don’t showing any errors. I’m using YafaRay since yesterday, so I probably missed something, but this is in all my scenes.

Here is simple scene with simple materials:


Yafa_try.blend (188 KB)

Deactivate ‘Clay Render’ in the render settings…:wink:

Thanks. It’s working now.