Yafaray Windows Vista

I am trying to get the yafaray plugin working in windows. Everything is installed, but i can’t find the yafaray tab in rendering in blender. Why isnt it showing up?

Yafaray is a script now, no longer integrated into the Rendering TAB.

I could never find the script to activate Yafaray, so I am still Yafarayless.

same thing happened to me. I’m still confused, and never got it to work.

I actually got it to work today.

I upgraded Blender to which uses python 2.6. So I installed python 2.6 as well. Then I went to the Yafaray site and downloaded the special build for python 2.6 (it is not the link from the “downloads” area, there is a small link to this special build under the word “here”).

After that I ran Blender and opened up a scripts windows and clicked on the Scripts menu item. A sub menu popped up and I chose the “Render” heading. In that menu there is a Yafaray Export 0.11 script.

I finally have Yafaray working now!

I also got yafaray working. However, can you do textures? And can you get the materials in blender into yafaray? When i do, it is just the default (get from active object).

What I immediately noticed is that Yafaray does not support JPEGs that were created from After Effects, maybe Photoshop as well? I felt the same way, my images were not showing up. I was using a JPEG sequence on a plane. Then when I tried another image format, PNG, the images just showed up. So there are still bugs in the Yafaray image support.

Try a different image format and see if that works.

I take it you will be filing a bug report at yafaray.org?

No, it turns out i wasnt refreshing the preview :slight_smile:

I have not signed up at yafaray.org yet, so I won’t be filing a bug report at this time.

…Patiently waiting for Blender 2.5 to emerge. (veins and eyeballs bulging) I want to see the internal renderer changes. There’s talk of substantial improvements!

I dread the 2.5 release. It means all the scripts I am using are going to break.

No more Lux exporter, Yafaray exporter, ANT landscape generator, Cityscript, Meshfoot, Blendgraph and all the others MetaAndrocto put together in the bundled release.

2.5 is going to have to really suck my lolly pop for me to want to use it.:rolleyes: