yafaray wine glass

well, the problem is…i cant seem to render my object to make it look like glass… im using yafaray and ive had the same problem with water. to be honest… i suck at caustics and all and ive only been using blender for a few weeks. now, i would really appreciate if any of you could give me tutorials or help me get my glass look like a wine glass and my wine to actually look like wine.(and also-if possible- how to use the lights and such in yafaray-exe-photon lamps…photons- that kind of stuff-) :smiley:

please and thank you

and also…any ideas on how to get a nice diamond ring? ive modeled it and im just trying to get the lighting right…

Liquid in a glass is tricky, since in real life there is no gap between the liquid and the glass. For the light, it’s just a straight jump from liquid into the glass. So the way you model it is a bit…weird. This should cover the model and shader setup you need for yafa: http://yafaray.org/documentation/userguide/material#Glass

Once you have your model, it is just a matter of finding the proper refractive indices (1.52 for glass and 1.33 for liquid are good starting points)

thanks :D…any ideas on diamonds?