Yafaray work flow just a small tell-me-what's-best

Hello World, I’m working on an internal design for a hospital HQ. I’ve finished most of the modelling and am starting to do the materials.
so my qustion is should Where should I add materials ? I mean should I apply materials on each model separately like do the textures and materials for a chair on a separate .blend file then do the TV in an another file then put them all togather? or should I put them all in one scene and do the materials ? I’m only asking this because it’s easier for me to do them separately, and if I done them separately how do I make sure in final gathering when I put them in one scene they wont look awkward because of lighting and stuff By The Way am asking you as experienced artists who know what’s the trouble of each method and I am really a noob in materials.
sry icdn xplain it n a bttr way - bad english.

any replies people ?? I REALLY NEED HELP … quickly cause am almost done with the modeling :S

It really doesn’t matter which way you do it.

If you do the render testing in separate files use a similar environment and lighting set up as you intend to use for the main scene, then you won’t have to make too many changes when you bring everything together. They will render faster too.

Or add the materials and textures when everything is together in the main scene and you can finesse them all together with the actual environment and lighting. Renders will be slower but you can tweak the materials side by side.

Thanks really appreciate the help … think I’ll go with the first way “young blood needs things faster”

If it helps there is a materials test scene here:-

Thank you this is amazing almost-exactly what am looking for. Thanks. :slight_smile: