Yafaraying Tests

I just downloaded Yafaray and it is pretty awesome. :spin: For three years I did not use any external renderer and then Bam! :slight_smile: Here are some tests-

Archimesh/ Window Generator 2/ and Yafaray

Yafaray/Suzanne :wink:


Iron Man helmet-

The Blender Cookie Air Force. :wink: Yafaray is easy to learn, and looks as good as Cycles without the hour long render times and noise. This rendered in 2 minutes. :smiley: (I am not a Yafaray developer I promise!)

okay i’ll be quiet :slight_smile:

PhoenixSmith glad to see you are enjoying YafaRay. And, you can use ‘Direct Light’ and animate where it really shines. I love BI but if you need raytraced reflections (Mirror) your render times double. As a certain individual has pointed out many times in this forum. Not so with YafaRay where you can have that and reasonable render times for animation.

Ah the hell with this. Ace if it does what he wants who cares about development rate. People love YafaRay for many reasons. One being it’s not your beloved Cycles with Nodesville. Another being it’s a hybrid of sorts with Direct Light + Caustics and Photon Mapping for enclosed spaces.