yafbots :)


it’s too clean. I need to figure out how to dirty them up in yafray :slight_smile:


That’s really nice :slight_smile:

Maybe some rusty, dirty texture jpegs to add grime?

I have to say though, I do like the cleanness of that version

Sweet :slight_smile:

but shadows too sharp, IMHO


Nice robots.
But I too think there is something strange with the shadows.
The lamp placement maybe, do you have one lamp at floor level from the front? It looks kind of strange with the shadow of the green one on the wall, but not on the floor between the robot and the wall.

  1. pofo

Strange shadows as said… But otherwise it looks really good!

that is toooooo cool!
wonder when some people are gonna start making some YafRay tutes


I wrote a simple Yable and YafRay tutorial of a sort in this thread here:


I hope it helps some poor person to get their YafRay thang goin’. When I started using Yable I had to walk 20 miles through a snowstorm on the beach with my surfboard just to get from point break a to point break b and wind up the Alt+P key to fire up the Yable rig.

You kids have it soooo easy today.

Go to the Yable and YafRay websites for more info. I’m all worn out now.


neat pic. i wish i could get something like that to render in yafray…maybe its cause im lazy, but i just cant get the materials to work properly. :expressionless:

thanks for replies… I know the shadows are weird… but there is a reason :slight_smile:

I wanted the bot (hovering) in the middle to kind of “glow”… have some extra light… so, I have one main spot coming from behind and a bit up. then, I needed some light to the front… so I have one on the floor level, in front of all the bots… that’s what creates the weird shadows to the back wall… but, it gives some nice additional lights to the guys… so I dunno…

I dont much know about the lighting yet in yafray… I tend to put the normal hemi to something like 2.80, and then add one or two spots to give extra highligt… maybe there is a better way? I still have to understand what the area light, and photon light are all about heh…

I’ll try something and render another version, so let’s see :slight_smile:


when I was little, me and my 17 brothers had to live in a small match-box, right on the heavy traffic motorway… and every morning we got up 5 hours before we even got to bed, to work 26 hours in a nearby coal mine.

oh, and there was no blender.



I’d love to see a short movie with those bots.